Taking Games Serious

TGN has three areas of operations around game development: Online games, game analytics und serious gaming.

We develop fun games!

Our published hotel builder game named Aloha Paradise Hotel is in active development to be available on iOS/android technology soon..

Know your players – game analytics

Thinking of KPI drives a lot of discussion and business decisions since years.
We try to use analytics to make better games for the players as a precondition of good KPI. And not the other way around.

We also consult on other games like Angry Birds Epic in game analytics.

Serious Games

We had a few serious games projects in the last years. It gives a complete different perspective on making games when you design a training for users with multiple sclerosis.

Member of the remote control productions family

We are member in one of Europe’s biggest game developer networks. – the remote control productions developer family. With their services we can concentrate on making games and yet have professional help on all other topics of the game industry right at hand.

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